let your heart speak

My passion is creating nature connections for all through nature photography for indoor environments and mindful experiences in the outdoor environment.

As a young child, I spent much of my time playing outside among my mother's tomato plants and my great-grandmother's lush flower garden, splashing in creeks and lakes, and wandering in forests and meadows. My love of nature started so many years before I had any idea that researchers have been trying to quantify what we all know in our souls: time outdoors benefits our physical, cognitive, and mental health.

I am a mother of two amazing adult boys, an early childhood special educator, a photographer, and general lover of nature. Because of these many hats, I feel compelled to share the joys of and true necessity of getting outside as often as possible.

Heart & Smile offers Nature Connection Therapeutic Walks for adults and families and Nurture with Nature Playgroups for young children and their caregivers. When you aren't outside, benefit from the peace and relaxation of the natural world by bringing it into your home or office with photography focused on the beauty all around us.